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Boat Rentals Vancouver has the largest boat rental fleet in Vancouver. Boat Rentals from $55 per hour. Power boat rentals in Vancouver is an exciting way to spend your time navigating the Vancuver shoreline. Book your Vancouver Boat Rental Online >>

Knuckle Head Bucket Tables

In a world of endless choices how do you get noticed or chosen? Brand awareness is key and product placement is absolutely crucial, so getting your product into the purchasing corridor should be first and foremost. The Knuckle Head Bucket Tables cuts through all the clutter and indecision as your product(s) are positioned directly in the purchasing pathway. What warm blooded American is going to wait for the server to order a cold drink when there’s a bucket of cold drinks chilling on ice directly within reach? The Knuckle Head Bucket Tables are 36” in diameter, come in bar and patio heights, and have the patented bucket hole in the center. All Knuckle Head Tables and all Knuckle Head Bucket Tables come with a permanent table top graphic, the flexibility of use with the Magnetic Skins ®  and of course the cover plate when the bucket is taking its well deserved breather!

Patent Numbers US D603,633 S  CAN 105,142     Multiple Patents Pending

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